Great Leaps - Automatica 2014 has started (English)

Leaps in innovation and 2,8 billion Euros for investment through the EU program me SPARC. Automatica has kicked off with very good news and even better numbers. This first podcast provides an overview with the most important topics and innovations...  [Weitere Videos auf dem YouTube Channel der AUTOMATICA]

Industry 4.0 LIVE at AUTOMATICA 2014

Humans and robots are getting closer to each other. Guided by humans robots can also complete tasks autonomously. Machines, which work independently, communicate with one another and organize themselves are also the future of production: the so-called industry 4.0.  [Weitere Videos auf dem YouTube Channel der AUTOMATICA]

In for Cooperation - Service Robotics at AUTOMATICA 2014

Robots used to work alone and were put behind bars. However, change is happening as humans and robots have begun collaborating. The trade show AUTOMATICA in Munich showcases the latest generation of so called service robots that can be helpers in peoples' daily lives. Humanoid robots tend to look like their creators, they are able to communicate and will interact with their human counterparts. By now, even children are being taken care of by robots. It seems that service robots increasingly become partners rather than mere devices.  [Weitere Videos auf dem YouTube Channel der AUTOMATICA]

Service Robots - Flexible Helpers in Professional Use

Service robotics in Europe is on the rise. The market entrance of Google, the establishment of the "Robo-Stox" index in 2013, special reports in magazines such as "The Economist" or "Der Spiegel" show it: service robotics is on the threshold of entering a new maturity level. Service robotics conquers new, commercial fields of application and has evolved from prototypes to commercially viable products. Thus, more and more professional service robots enter the market. Our film shows just how versatile service robots are and how present they already are in our everyday lifes! From 3-6 June, AUTOMATICA 2014 - leading trade fair for robotics and automation - for the first time presents an exhibition area with a special focus on professional service robotics. Have a look into an aspiring industry of the future!  [Weitere Videos auf dem YouTube Channel der AUTOMATICA]

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